So many signals and signs in our time. So many messages of the world to unravel and understand. Are we able to become aware of the language of the challenges well enough to find a way into the future?

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For the past seven years, I have been studying how we can contribute to the future. I have talked to many people, read books, listened to podcasts, and viewed a range of narratives, theories, and other information on websites and social media.
My conclusion: In our current state of being, we are not good at connecting with the future and what it is calling for.  We have the capacity but have not put much effort in exploring and training the ability to effectively work with the future.  I have written seven letters that will be published on this website in the coming months on how to become contributors to the future.

Quantum leap. Oil painting by Sophie.

The first few letters are about a profound change of our awareness and the dynamisation of our beliefs and worldviews. The last 4 about the exploration and training of skills and abilities. All necessary steps to contribute to the future.
Next to that we offer a range of courses, coaching, talks, Q&A’s and other practical tools to help you to with your
contribution to the future in your personal, organisational and societal life.
These will be newly designed and/or tailor-made for your situation and context. Please get in touch.

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Images of training and organisational work

Content and tool examples

The payment button is meant to make is possible to continue this initiative, it is an investment rather than a payment for a product. I have used all my resources to create the letters, but I am aware it is just the start of contributing to the future.
I appeal to your ability to determine the value yourself, before or after the purchase of what I have to offer.

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