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Contributing to the future: March 2-3 &16-17 April 13-14 June 15-16

This course can be given anywhere and in different shapes and forms. Please contact us when you have ideas about when, where and how.

So many challenges in our time. So many people involved in dealing with all those challenges.

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To assist you in connecting to the future we offer two fundamental products:
Connecting to the future courses and in collaboration establish a connection to the future in the complex realities and challenges of our time.

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Create a framework to connect to the future by transforming your skill set, mental models and belief systems in CTTF course 1 & 2.

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We facilitate you, your team, your organisation, your area of expertise, your group, your neighbourhood to connect to the future.
Our contribution is to support you in the detection and transformation of the belief systems and mental models causing the challenges, patterns and structures in your organisation, environment or future.

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A connection to the future is colourful and dynamic (only a minor part is controllable, technical or predictable), has both beauty and contribution and organises as a living being.

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